Monday, June 7, 2010

Putting the needle on the vinyl

For some time now I've toyed around with the idea in my head of getting a turntable and starting a modest record collection. It wasn't until recently that I decided it was about time to make this a reality. I've asked for a turntable for Father's Day and have already acquired a couple of records, including a spanking new, dual vinyl release of Slowdive's Souvlaki, one of my favorite dream pop/shoegaze records. The anticipation of throwing on a shiny new record onto the player and watching the needle hit the black disc is growing tremendously.

While I certainly don't plan on acquiring a plethora of vinyl as I have compact discs, it will be a luxury to have a small collection of some of my favorite albums available to spin old school when the mood strikes. And nothing will beat the thrill of hunting down gems like Neil Diamond or Carpenters records at thrift stores all around town!

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